Tin Knocker 5 x 5 CNC Plasma Table

Tin Knocker 5 x 5 CNC Plasma Table

Cleat Benders / Cheek Benders / Bar Folders

Standard Features

  • Bolt together 5’x5’ or 5’x10’ table. Set it up anywhere (garage, attic, shed, basement, shop).
  • Dual purpose, 40 AMP power pack. Take it to the field as a hand held, or use it on the CNC plasma table. It is as easy to change as flipping a switch. Cuts up to ¼” mild steel.
  • Automatic torch height control.
  • Full HVAC fittings library with nesting. Very user friendly and easy to use with 3-D graphics that change with your data input. You
  • need not be a computer wiz to be effective with this software. Anyone who knows HVAC sheet metal will become effective in a snap.
  • Full standard shapes library (squares, rectangles, rounds, ovals, triangles, etc).
  • Other software features include, but are not limited to: *Cost Analysis *Material Usage *Scrap generated *Weights
  • Label printing
  • Aluminum extruded gantry with embedded hardened and ground “V” rail and rack. All motors direct drive, no belts or chains. A
  • work of art!! Light and rigid.
  • Slatted material support with removable slat holders and replaceable slats.
  • Video manuals…take you step by step through set up and operation.


  • Full featured-it does everything those do that cost twice as much.
  • Low cost—-The Tin Knocker is absolutely the BEST VALUE to be found in a plasma table.
  • Highest quality components – Made in the USA .
  • Very supportable. No patented “gotcha” parts. Get help from us or the manufacturers of the component parts.
  • Simple-Designed for function, simplicity and cost effectiveness.
  • Durable construction.
  • Easy to move….you can even erect it in the shop or on the job site, and you don’t need machinery movers to move it.
  • Bolt together, precision table allows you to get this machine into places where others cannot.
  • Laptop allows you to programs anywhere……in Starbucks?
  • Specifications
  • Power required: 30 Amps of 220/1/60 AND 10 Amps of 115/1/60
  • Shipping weight: 650 lbs. crated
  • Dimensions of shipping crate: 28” H x 48”W x 84”L
  • Cutting capacity: Cuts up to ¼” steel plate with our standard 40 amp power pack.
  • Max. material weight on table: 2000 lbs.
  • Max. cut size: 60”x 60” on the 5’x 5’ table, (60”x120” with optional table expansion). Larger shapes can be easily cut by repositioning material.
  • Cutting speeds: X/Y-variable up to 0-350 IPM. Speeds automatically set with input of material being cut.
  • Resolution X/Y-.0005”.


  • 60 AMP power pack to cut up to ¾” steel, in lieu of standard 40 AMP

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