Tin Knocker S & Drive Plus

Tin Knocker S & Drive Plus

Roll Forming Machines

The Tin Knocker S & Drive Plus roll former is a versatile performer. It’s payback in scrap savings will pay for itself in no time. When fitted with auxiliary rolls, the payback is even faster. The machine comes with these standard features:

  • S & Drive Slitter to cut blanks and make cleats in one pass
  • S Cleat rolls down center
  • Drive Cleat rolls outboard on one side
  • 20 Ga Pittsburgh outboard opposite of Drive Cleat (optional rolls include M or F Button Lock, 3 in 1 rolls)
  • Fast payback! Quickly and easily turns scrap metal into drives.


22-28 Ga for S Cleat (1 1/16 width)
20-26 Ga for Drive Cleat (1 1/8 width) 
20-28 Ga Pittsburgh
5 H.P. motor 230/3/60
90 FPM
69″ x 29″ x 49″ (crated)
890 lbs (crated)

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